Conversational Copywriting

We all love a chat whether it is on the phone, on WhatsApp or over a brew. This is how you want your visitors to have with your site. Get them interested and then get them talking, so to speak.

That’s why conversational copywriting works best. It is what it sounds like; it feels like a conversation between real people. Creating content that makes your marketing clear and engaging as a struggle when you’re sounding like a robot or a boring salesman.  Each word is speaking something, if your visitor is much more receptive to what is being ‘said’ then they are much more likely to act on it.

Your websites, blog and email are competing with a lot of distractions so you’ve got to do something to stand out.

Your value proposition – what you offer your customers. You have to communicate it in a way that will resonate with your readers.

So, your copy should fit the tone of your business, that doesn’t mean it should be boring and long-winded. All your marketing copy should be client-focused, conversational copywriting will help communicate to your clients in a way that keeps them interested. Friendly conversation beats boring and long-winded every time.

How do we do this?

Use contractions like they’re, hasn’t, wasn’t and you’re

Use words like I, me, we and you over third-person references

Choose simple, straightforward language – this doesn’t mean unsophisticated or unprofessional

Inject some personality as long as it fits with your brand


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