The subject line formulas that get emails opened

The subject line is the very first step of the readers experience, with so many distractions in the digital world, a subject line needs to be engaging. You’re never going to get a 100% open success rate, but you can always improve your open rates. Here are the types of subject lines that see success more often than not.

The question subject line, questions work as good subject lines because they get the reader to think about how the subject matter relates to them.  The very best questions will resonate with the reader’s past experiences, while arousing their interest. E.g. Do you read your emails before breakfast?

The ‘How to’ subject line, this type of subject line works well because it forces you to describe the content of the email in very clear language. It’s focusing on the benefit and that compels the reader to click further – e.g. How to get better email open rates.

The scarcity subject line, this formula uses the power of human behaviour, when they think something is in short supply they fear missing out on the opportunity. Adding a time frame will encourage readers to act fast. E.g. Only 1 day left to get 50% off

The announcement subject line, use words like ‘Introducing’ and ‘New’, this gives the reader the feeling that the email contains information they want to know. E.g. Introducing a new way to write subject lines

The number subject line, numbers are a great way to set expectations and let them know the structure of the email. Using numbers in emails prove to be more successful that not using numbers. The key is to pick the right number, don’t scare the reader off with ’30 steps to improve emails’ it should be ‘5 tricks to improve emails’. E.g. 10 ways to improve open rates

The personalized subject line, adding the subscriber’s name into the subject line adds a personal touch and will likely catch the reader’s eye. It’s always good to connect with your readers on a personal level.E.g. John, there’s only 2 days left to grab this offer

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