Website copy that makes or breaks

A good website is the cornerstone of any online marketing strategy, so websites are constantly competing with web browsers becoming savvier than ever.

They say that you have only 15 seconds to connect with a visitor before they decide to leave and click away from your site, I would say it’s a lot less than 15 seconds. So, how do you make them stay?

Well, first you’ll need a decent web design and is professional and not ugly. The user experience is incredibly important when it comes to getting customers to stay. But overall, it’s the website copy that’s the glue that sticks visitors to your site.

It’s the copywriting that keeps them clicking on your site as that’s the communication between your site and your visitors. So, if you only have 15 seconds or less, you need to grab their attention, copy will turn 15 seconds into 30 seconds, 30 seconds into a minute and a minute into a sale. Or maybe they will leave after 15 seconds. It’s important to have the right words of your website.

Copy keeps them clicking.

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