Writing Customer Centric Copy

To get your customers to engage with your website, you need to make feel like part of the story. They should be on a journey, with you every step of the way.

You should be literal in the approach, work out what your customers care about the most. It should be the benefits that take centre stage and not the features – make sure it has a conversational tone to it.

This means you shouldn’t just talk about your product, you should talk about how your product will make their life easier, happier, better or whatever.

Make it personable, use ‘you’ rather than ‘we’ – the focus should always be on your customers. So, we provide home consultations for your convenience’ it should be more like ‘To fit your hectic lifestyle, you can meet a consultant in the comfort of your own home’.

Use the same language as your customers; this is the best way to build a connection with your readers. So if you’re writing for a blue chip corporate audience, you’ll need to tailor it to their tone.


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