Your content is your strongest weapon. Wield it.

The key to any successful website is its content. Content is everything. Content is the lifeblood of your site. Content makes the difference. Content is King.

The content is everything your visitors see when they land on your site. It’s the engagement between you and them, it’s what they remember and it’s what will make them return to your site.

Nowadays, your content is what determines where your page will rank in search engines whereas in the past it was the links and keywords that made the difference. Of course these elements still have an impact but overall it’s the content of your page that adds search engine value.

Google’s never-ending advancements means it can serve up accurate search results based on the quality of the content. So if you think that a headline or a few keywords will drive you up the search page and send traffic to your site, think again.

The content on your website gives it authority, if your content is weak then it will not hold its ground against the many competitors you’re fighting against on search engines.

Let’s not forget that your content will sell and gain the trust of your visitors too. In today’s vast digital internet landscape you need to produce content that’s engaging and even sharable.

So what does it all come down to? Create quality, marketable content, your content should explain, engender trust and add authority. Words don’t mean anything unless they are well-structured and mean something. They are the tools in your tool box, but you have to use them effectively.

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